7 foods to detoxify and rejuvenate your body Why should we value detoxification?

This week’s guest: Susan Smith Jones, MS, Ph.D., globally renowned author and wellness consultant Discover the risks of toxicity plus lots of methods to help detoxify your body Susan Smith Jones, MS, Ph.D. Has certainly made amazing contributions in the fields of holistic health, anti-aging, optimum diet and balanced living. For starters, she taught students, faculty and staff in UCLA how to end up being healthy and match for 30 years! Susan may be the founder and president of Wellness Unlimited, a Los Angeles-based consulting firm focused on optimal wellness, wellness education and individual potential.After adjustment for baseline values, the scores in the diacetylmorphine group improved more than the scores in the methadone group in four of the composite scores, including that for drug use. Use of Illicit Cocaine and Opioids The mean number of days of use of illicit heroin in the previous month decreased from 26.6 to 5.3 in the diacetylmorphine group and from 27.4 to 12.0 in the methadone group . The amount of times of cocaine use didn’t change significantly in either group . Both groups spent a median of $1,200 on illicit medicines in the month before baseline; at 12 a few months, this amount was reduced to $320 in the diacetylmorphine group and $400 in the methadone group.