According to a Federal government Energy Regulatory Commission report.

Yet rooftop installation continues to grow in popularity, driven partly by falling costs and the prospect of independence from utility companies. The average home rooftop solar electric program still costs about $30,000 up front, but new rebate and financing options continue steadily to flourish. Some companies, such as for example Sunrun and SolarCity, are even offering options where they will own, maintain and make certain the panels, to be able to cut out the upfront consumer costs.The union officials declined to identify the Dallas nurses or say how many were participating in the statement. However they had been vociferous in citing a lack of protocols on the day Duncan was admitted with extreme symptoms of Ebola. Among the flaws cited by the group included: insufficient garb put on by the crisis personnel the fact that Duncan was left for hours in a non-quarantined zone that his laboratory samples were sent in the same manner that normal specimens are sent medical center official allowed nurses associated with Duncan to deal with other patients other ways in which the hospital did not immediately react to the situation. Were protocols breached? stated union spokeswoman Rose Ann DeMoro, There were no protocols. These nurses aren’t well shielded. They’re not ready to deal with Ebola or any other pandemic, stated DeMoro.