All seniors may enjoy great things about exercise: Study A scholarly study carried out by Dr.

Louis Bherer, PhD , Laboratory Director and Researcher at the Institut universitaire de g-riatrie de Montr-al , an institution associated with Universit – de Montr-al, shows that all seniors, even those considered frail, can enjoy the benefits of exercise with regards to their physical and cognitive faculties and quality of life and these benefits appear after only three months. This discovery is excellent news, as increased life expectancy has increased the amount of frail seniors in our communities also.12. Leftover dinner – Make extra servings at dinnertime, and send out leftovers for lunch time in a thermos. Homemade pizza and cool meats are excellent options that do not require reheating. 13. Cheese – Look for organic, grass-fed varieties of cheese cubes or string cheese with no added colors or elements. 14. Make your very own homemade granola bars, muffins and cookies from whole grains or nut flours. 15. Avocado pudding – Making homemade avocado pudding from natural avocados is an excellent way to include raw, healthy fat into your child’s dessert.

4 Ways To Add Variety To Your Aerobics Routine All of the aerobics routines you can enjoy are many. You need to find one that appeals to you just. When it comes to aerobic activity, most people dread it.