Even as inflation plummeted to a record low.

The AARP Rx Cost Watch Report also looked at retail drug prices in the last five years and found some large increases for popular drugs including the prostate medication Flomax, which doubled in price nearly; Aricept and Advair saw price hikes of 40 %. During the same period, the consumer price index rose 13.3 %. The Hill’s Healthwatch Blog page: Big pharma is pressing back against the record. ‘Independent and authorities data continue to show prescription medicines represent a small and decreasing share of growth in overall health care costs in the United States, Rick Smith, PhRMA’s senior vice president, said Wednesday in a statement. NPR Shots Blog: The relentless rise in brand-name drug prices is getting to become a sad, familiar tune.The report has bad news for kids particularly. More than half of U.S. Kids ages 3 to 11 face secondhand smoke cigarettes, says the CDC. And nearly all children who live with a smoker – 98 % – possess measurable tobacco toxins in their body. The agency says there is no safe degree of exposure. Experts state tobacco taxes and smoking bans are traveling down rates in some states. But nationwide, they say progress has been halted by tobacco firm discounts or lack of funding for programs to discourage smoking cigarettes or even to help smokers quit.