PRESS RELEASE LAS VEGAS, NV —This week the American Pharmacists Association Foundation will be showcasing the newly launched Patient Self-Administration Solutions at the Society for Human Resource Management Annual Conference and Exposition. PSM Solutions, a successful model that is used for over a decade, can reduce overall price of care by around $1,000 per person with diabetes per year, improve wellness outcomes and increase individual satisfaction . Driving employee wellness is an integral strategic imperative for some agencies. From increasing the amount of days on the job to reducing the price of advantages to improving employee motivation and morale, corporate wellness programs are more essential than ever to businesses, and PSM Solutions can help address these presssing issues.

He urged pharmaceutical companies to supply regulators with comprehensive trial data so that the possible link between ARBs and malignancy can be investigated properly. In the interim, we ought to use ARBs, particularly telmisartan, with better caution, Dr Nissen suggested, adding that they must be reserved for individuals who are unable to take another class of blood pressure-lowering medication called angiotensin-switching enzyme inhibitors. Martin Ledwick, head information nurse at Cancers Research UK, commented: It is important that we try to understand all of the side-effects of medications in order that people can make an informed choice about their treatment. Right now there isn’t enough evidence to draw any firm conclusions about how blood pressure medications might affect cancer risk and this will require additional investigation.