Acne: HOW CAN YOU Get Rid Of It?

Acne: HOW CAN YOU Get Rid Of It? You often will remember experiencing acne at some point throughout your life – and desperately trying almost anything to get rid of it. Acne is most common during the teenage years – around 85 percent of teenagers suffer from it – though it can be surprisingly common in older people, especially women. Cures for pimples have been around almost as long as pimples itself . The Romans used to treat it by bathing in hot, sulfurous mineral water often; today’s treatments aren’t quite so extreme. There are many different products open to treat acne, although some acne treatments may take up to several months to show significant results; and some treatments have not shown medically.

Common for example the erythromycin and tetracyclines. Teracyclines simply because a systemic acne medicine have already been used since the 1950’s. They have been proven as acne medicines. They have to be given twice a day at the beginning until a response has been achieved. An additional maintenance dose is after that needed for so long as necessary. It takes as long as two to three months of using one kind of acne medicine before making the decision to switch if if does not work. These medications are not well absorbed and have to be studied on empty stomachs. Possibly the worst news of all is that regardless of taking these acne medicines twice a day for several months, the best that can be achieved can be suppression of the pimples.