Allegations against Take Shape For Life false and misleading.

Allegations against Take Shape For Life false and misleading, says Medifast An Independent Committee made up of distinguished associates of the Plank of Directors of Medifast, Inc . was constituted in February, 2009 to examine public allegations of a third party, convicted felon Barry Minkow, and his network of alleged independent professionals, posted on Minkow’s site alleging illegal actions of Take Shape For Life, Inc., a primary selling company and a subsidiary of Medifast, Inc. The independent Directors’ Committee, after investigation of information and facts concluded the allegations were false, misleading, and/or without merit.

Research also shows Monsanto’s pesticide and herbicide trigger central nervous system disorders, resulting in mental disorders, driving the Big Pharma Cartel in America, in which politicians are heavily invested. Eliminating laws that hinder Obama sick care mandates may be the number one HIDDEN MOTIVE of the GMO Obamanation and Un-affordable Care Take action. We are living within an abomination where most food is carcinogenic. Big Meals and Big Agriculture reign supreme, and free trade right now means Partners in Criminal offense. ( TV, Obama, and a lot of GMO Lies What’s the Obamanation Nation waiting for you for next? Obamacare and GMO’s are having on the masses without any laws to avoid them, without any balances and checks, and without the regulatory agencies that aren’t already bought out or changed with lobbyists and former CEO’s of Biotech companies.