An estimated 868 million are undernourished.

He says: It is vital to understand the way the global agricultural system and the benefits produced from agricultural biodiversity influence the drivers of global dietary intake patterns, nutrition and health status, specifically in the developing world. Having less diversity is been shown to be a crucial issue, especially in the developing world where diets consist primarily of starchy staples with less access to nutrient-rich sources of food such as animal proteins, fruits and vegetables. He adds: As this book highlights, local biodiversity has the potential for contributing to food nourishment and security, as well as for enhancing adaptation to global weather change. Some of these species are highly healthy and have multiple uses.Given the known truth that there was no significant interaction between the intervention and gestational age group, the post hoc nature of these analyses, and the number of secondary analyses performed, this observation should be interpreted with caution, and additional testing ought to be performed in this immature human population. In conclusion, we found no factor in the primary outcome of loss of life or bronchopulmonary dysplasia between infants randomly assigned to early CPAP and those assigned to early surfactant treatment.