High cholesterol.

And Steven Masely, M.D. Confirm that you can remove plaque buildup; improve circulation; reduce dependency for prescription medication and increase immune function with basic changes to lifestyle habits. Find out more on our next present with Jonathan Steven and Landsman Masley, M.D. Visit: and enter your email for show details + FREE gifts!. A 30-day plan to naturally reverse cardiovascular disease Conventional medicine tells us the top risk factors for cardiovascular disease include: age group, gender, genealogy, high cholesterol, obesity and hypertension.Sextant prostatic biopsies had been recommended for all guys with positive test outcomes; lateralized sextant biopsies4 were adopted in June 1996. Some exceptions to these methods have already been described previously.1 Primary End Points The primary end point of the trial was prostate-cancer mortality. We evaluated deaths among males in both screening group and the control group in whom prostate tumor was diagnosed , of the official reason behind death regardless, as described previously.1,5 Data on overall mortality were collected by linkage to the national registries.